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Executive coaching helps leaders identify critical areas of development, transition into new roles, and take their leadership capabilities to the next level.

Today’s leaders face seemingly endless challenges: delivering growth, building high performing teams, refining their competitive edge and embracing transformation. This must be accomplished within the backdrop of limited time or resources and increasing pressure from shareholders and stakeholders.

Adam Ahmed is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC level certified by the International Coach Federation) and helps executives step back from these conflicting challenges and gain the perspective necessary to exercise balanced leadership. Once seen as a solution of last resort for leaders in distress, executive coaching has now emerged as a much-needed ally of CEOs and senior executives as they sharpen their leadership capabilities.

By asking the right questions and using relevant, thought-provoking exercises, Adam can help Leaders and CEOs gain clarity and perspective so they can be inspired to maximize their personal and professional potential. Adam's role as an executive coach, is to not tell you what to do; you will already have plenty of people around you doing that. Instead, he will partner with you and create a safe, non-judgemental space where you can explore any topics and issues, create measurable change and move towards your desirable outcome.

Executive coaching creates more resilient leaders and helps:

  • Nurture strategic thinking and creativity within an executive

  • Help executives think through important career progression decisions

  • Provide an outlet for an executive to actualize their aspirations or frustrations

  • Improve an executive’s ability to lead change, gain buy-in, and build diverse teams.

  • Develop leaders in key areas to address specific business or relationship challenges

Onboarding services support leaders through transitions and help executives:

  • Forge relations with their board and senior team.

  • Focus on key deliverables for their first six to twelve months.

  • Identify concrete leadership development needs.

  • Navigate complex external relations/stakeholders.

  • Provide a trusted external source of advice on sensitive issues.

Adam’s coaching clients span a wide range of industries, including: legal, banking, finance,

technology and entertainment. Some of his clients include: Adidas,

Facebook, UBS, Vodafone, HSBC & British Airways.

To discuss any executive coaching requirements, please

send me an email or click to call  +44 (0)20 3026 7432


Professional Executive Coach (Certified by ICF at PCC level) & Mentor Coach

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