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High-performing teams are the key to any successful business. But a range of factors often block teams from using their full capabilities to collaborate and produce creative and innovative solutions. 

Tausif Ahmed is an ICF certified executive coach with over 2500 coaching hours experience. Ahmed's team coaching programme begins with an assessment of the team's core strengths and weaknesses.  From there, Ahmed will work with the team to create a specific and measurable plan for improvement.  Unlike a one-off strategic off-site or team building, team coaching is designed to open lines of communication, unearth unproductive patterns and to create sustainable change. Ahmed works with teams to enhance communication skills, create new or improve existing culture and plan for excellence.


Through facilitated discussions, team members will get an objective perspective of their team’s dynamics, their role in the team and how to further establish relationships with co-workers. Ahmed provides executive team coaching that is impactful, personalised and focused on your objectives. 



  • Kick off a new team or team refresh

  • Improve effectiveness of team leaders

  • Create new or improve existing team culture

  • Improve team productivity and effectiveness

  • Develop individual employees' teamwork skills

  • Inspire, motivate and retain key team members

  • Give teams a shared sense of purpose and direction

  • Increase collaboration, team cohesiveness and alignment

Ahmed’s coaching clients span a wide range of industries, including: legal, banking, finance,

technology and entertainment. Some of his clients include: Adidas,

Facebook, UBS, Vodafone, HSBC & British Airways.

To discuss any coaching requirements,  please

send an email to  or click to fill in the form

and we will get back to you within 48 business hours.


Executive Coach (Certified by ICF) & Mentor Coach  

icf certified executive coach
icf certified executive coach
icf certified executive coach
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