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Every day brings new challenges and pressures for business owners. And with a lack of vision, oday are being pulled in a million different directions, spinning from one thing to the next, accomplishing too little, wasting their time and losing sight of their long term goals. It’s enough to drive anyone crazy.

Adam helps business owners, start-up founders and professional service firms direct where they want their business to go and how to get it there so they can be profitable and productive doing the work they love. And, she helps them do all of this without engaging in the insanity that’s all too common in small businesses today.

Business Coaching with Adam is designed to give you personalised high-level support, so you can get clear on exactly what you need to do to secure business success. If you’re passionate about your vision but need support to get you there, if you want regular coaching to keep you goal-focused as you grow your business, then the Business Coaching programme with me can be the ideal solution for you.


My business coaching equips you with the precise practical tools you need to get you where you want to be. The business coaching programme has proven to be effective for people who are considering leaving a corporate job to run their own business; have a vision for a business they want to launch; are actively starting up a business; running a business and want to scale it.

Adam Ahmed is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC level certified by the International Coaching Federation) who works with professionals, senior executives, leaders, CEOs and founders of companies to discover who they truly really are, to distil their wants and desires and to find strategies

to help them achieve their goals with confidence. Adam helps his clients clarify their definition of success, maximise their potential and achieve sustainable/lasting results. Adam also works with teams to enhance communication skills, create new or improve existing culture and plan for excellence.


By asking the right questions and using relevant, thought-provoking exercises, Adam can help you gain clarity and perspective so you can be inspired to maximise your personal and professional potential. My role as an executive coach, is to not tell you what to do; you have plenty of people around you doing that. Instead, I will partner with you and create a safe, non-judgemental space where you can explore any topics and issues, create measurable change and move towards your desirable outcome.


  • Increase confidence

  • Develop self-awareness

  • Improve specific skills or behaviour

  • Increase clarity in roles and objectives

  • Improve an individual’s performance, targets and goals

  • Increase ability to identify solutions to specific work-related issues

  • Provide an opportunity to fine-tune behaviour/performance difficulties

  • Provide a safe, non-judgemental space to work through your challenges and biggest fears

Adam’s coaching clients span a wide range of industries, including: legal, banking, finance,

technology and entertainment. Some of his clients include: Adidas,

Facebook, UBS, Vodafone, HSBC & British Airways.

To discuss any executive coaching requirements, please

send me an email or click to call  +44 (0)20 3026 7432


Professional Executive Coach (Certified by ICF at PCC level) & Mentor Coach 

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